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Safety Event Reporting – Coming August 2nd to a PC Near You!

The new safety event software will go live on August 2nd, 2016. This software will replace the old paper based Safety Event Form and should be used to report all safety events.

As a reminder:

A Safety Event is any unexpected event which:

  • May result or has resulted in an injury to a patient or visitor


  • Reflects a variation from customary policy/procedure or practice affecting patient.


Please look for this icon: icon safety event rptg

on your desktop and use it to report any safety events.  Training for staff on How to Submit a Safety Event is available in the LMS system and all clinical staff at wholly owned locations should complete the training prior to the August 2nd go-live date.


If you have any questions about the training or how to submit an event form, please contact your manager or any of the following: Dana Nelson (8-2877) or dnelson@ric.org ; Laura Melone(8-1371) or lmelone@ric.org; Stephanie Snarskis (8-6050) or ssnarskis@ric.org.