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The 6th Floor Team Wins a Pizza Lunch for Press-Ganey Survey Return Rate

Congratulations to the 6th Floor Team for improving their patient satisfaction scores and Press-Ganey survey return rate. The Outcomes Management Department has implemented several initiatives to increase the return rate of Press-Ganey Inpatient Satisfaction surveys and increase overall patient satisfaction. One of the initiatives is recognition of the units which achieve a 34% or better return rate plus a combined overall satisfaction score at least 1 point higher than their FY 2015 score for 3 consecutive months. The 6th Floor Team achieved these goals in January, February and March 2016 and celebrated their success by enjoying pizza from Lou Malnati’s provided by the Outcomes Management Department.


We encourage all the staff on the inpatient units to continue to remind patients and their families to fill out and return the paper satisfaction surveys they receive from RIC through Press-Ganey.

Our thanks go out to all RIC staff for their efforts to improve the patient experience.


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