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AbilityLab Inpatient Rooms – Technology Features Update

In last week’s edition of RIC Matters, we featured the top 10 reasons why the new inpatient rooms are better for our patients. We would like to clarify and elaborate on one of the features described as Staff Recognition Technology – it is part of several new technology features in the new inpatient rooms:

  • Cerner myStation: located on the footwall of the patients’ rooms, myStation provides patient access to educational videos, schedule, care team information, TV, internet and movies
    • It can also control the window shades and lighting
    • Another feature of myStation is staff recognition. If the patient’s TV is on, when a staff member enters the room, the staff’s name will display on the patient’s TV
  • Cerner Clinical View Monitor: located at the headwall and not readily visible to the patient or family. The monitor will provide clinical staff with a view of the patient’s relevant clinical information